• Hemp Duo Moisture Spritz

    Experience the power of double phase conditioning with our award-winning grooming product. Hemp oil & Hemp water moisturizes and softens the beard while oil seals in moisture.


    Organic blend of oils for the beard, hair face, and body.

    Handcrafted with black cumin seed oil, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, vitamin E, Ylang Ylang, and 5 other Essential oils for a nourishing blend.

  • Stimulating Oil   Root Activator

    Fuller thicker looking beards. Say goodbye to patches. This product is formulated with ingredients scientifically proven to promote natural beard growth, resulting in a fuller and thicker appearance.

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A Hero for patchy beards.

May your beard be full of life and vigor! Say goodbye to patchiness and hello to a healthy beard.

Activated Oil

Stimulation and warmth

Root Reviver

Innovation & Science.

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Organic Green Care Daily...

Your Daily Organic Nourishing beard & skin Care Starts Here today ..

Recommended for all beard types!

Say hello to a well-nourished, beard & Skin.

Advanced hydrating and nourishing properties for a heroic shine daily!




Keep Your Roots Warm Healthy and Stimulated, While Protecting The Hair Strands...

This duo oil  and wooden care comb is perfect for winter beard maintenance and care!


    B.O.A FAQ

    Do your products contain SLS, Sulphates or Parabens?

    No, our products do not contain SLS, Sulphates, or Parabens. We understand that curly and afro hair are highly prone to damage and require special care with gentle ingredients that do not strip them of their natural oils but replenishes. At BOA we do our own research and development and ensure we work with quality, and ethically sourced ingredients in our products. We prioritize the well-being and health of our customers and believe in providing them with the best possible hair care solutions without compromise and without allowing false information to influence the best routes for your daily beard and skin care.

    Are BOA products vegan and cruelty-free?

    All our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free- you may see cruelty free claims but as avid industry specialist we can assure you by standard and law all products available on the UK market should be cruelty -free!

    Does Beard Of Aaron offer international shipping?

    Yes we do some with a minimum spend, All international customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees that are incurred during transit.

    Can I use Beard of Aaron products for my hair type?

    Yes, our products are suitable for all beard hair types.

    We have added extra benefits and innovation to enhance the products to also serve the communities such as afro beards or those with more sensitive roots and  skin. Which means now all beard and hair types can be included, while our products help to address concerns such as dry brittle beard hair,  patchy and sensitive beards due to curl patterns, all without compromising the skin needs.


    This way those needing something better and more can have a place to get the products they need with confidence and those who already use such products can also have access to quality and innovative blends.

    Our products are designed with hero ingredients which nourish and strengthen hair while promoting healthy growth.

     B.O.A  FAQ