About BOA

 Bringing solutions to everyday problems for the bearded community!

Award-Winning Beard Care, Handcrafted in London

Welcome to Beard of Aron, the go-to destination for premium beard care. Our award-winning specialists handcraft all our products right here in London, designed to nourish all beards, but with bespoke targeted solutions to also include and cater for thicker and afro-textured beards without compromise on safety and quality- which means we are truly an inclusive brand catering for the unoque needs aswell as prodiving something for all. 

Why Choose Beard of Aron?

Tailored Options for Afro Beards: We understand the unique needs of curly, coarse beardsand the impact on the skin.  t. Our products provide the extra care required for optimal beard and skin health.

Pure, Premium Ingredients   We use only the finest, high purity,  ingredients available in the market, ensuring your beard stays healthy and vibrant.

-Expert Craftsmanship: Started by our female cosmetic chemist with a passion for innovation and solutions for beard, hair and skin care, our journey that began with a single drop of oil  in the lab with no intention of becoming a brand or a=on the market evolved and grew by demand into an award winning beard brand.

 Our Achievements

We are proud to have recently won the Best Male Grooming Beauty Award, a testament to our dedication to quality and excellence.

Our Products

We offer three specific a beard oils, each targeting different beard care needs:

1. Hydration: For every day skin and beard care. Optimised to be  better than your average beard oil as it is designed to last longer on the beard without greasy sensation. To cater for those needing more every day organically without skin compromise.
2. Growth: To support healthy beard growth, combat patches and improve beard health appearance.
3. Conditioning & Special Occasions: Texture, Scent and Appearace - For a intense treatement to soften, improve texture.

 Our Community

Our team grew from loyal customers who believed in our vision.Beard of Aron has fostered a community where men can embrace their individuality through exceptional grooming products.

 Our Mission

At Beard of Aaron, we believe a beard is more than just facial hair; it's a statement of individuality, character, and self-expression. Our premium products combine natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to ensure your beard gets the care it deserves.

Join Us

Join the Beard of Aaron community and redefine grooming for the modern man. Whether you're a seasoned beardsman or just starting, explore our range, embrace your authenticity, and experience grooming that goes beyond the surface.

Welcome to Beard of Aron - where grooming is an art, and your beard is the masterpiece.

Unleash the Power of Your Beard.