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How Developing a Beard Growth Oil Led to My Own Unexpected Facial Hair Journey as a Female!

As a cosmetic scientist dedicated to creating products for all genders, skin, and hair types. I never thought a desire to help men achieve their perfect beard would become an unexpected testing ground for my own face. As a female this was problematic!

In my quest to create a stimulating  oil that could enhance growth by increasing blood flow without causing irritation, I delved into extensive research and testing.


After a year of perfecting the formula, I started noticing unexpected changes—my own facial hair growth. This was both surprising and challenging as a female.


Hi I'm a cosmetic scientist living in the UK. Over the years, I've worked on award-winning formulations, from black peel masks to comprehensive skincare and haircare solutions.

My fascination with making cosmetic products began at the tender age of six, mixing concoctions for family, all fun I guess, but fast forward to adulthood here I was with a BSc in Cosmetic Science. 

'I found myself working behind the scenes in UK labs for various brands and companies. Little did I know that my date with destiny was soon to become a date with the bearded brotherhood.'

Here I was before the beard boom trying to find solutions for men with patchy, dry and dull beards including the very too often neglected afro type beards - The WHY will have to be for another time .

The Quest

The target was to create a product that not only stimulated beard growth but also soothed the skin and reduced the appearance of patches which was a complex challenge but some in the  bearded community was a real concern.

Maybe not commercially viable, but why should a minority need be disregarded when you have the drive and knowledge to help?

The key was to ensure good blood flow to support nutrition and reduce patchiness without compromising skin but improving beard health afor a fuller thicker look.

Sohow did I end up having unwanted hairgrowth on my face?

As a woman, I never anticipated that I would experience significant facial hair growth.

Like most people, I had barely visible vellus hair on my face. I had this one hair strand that was just about visible. I started using the oil in this area to put it to the test and make sure the oil was not irritating.

Boom weeks later, I noticed a longer, thicker and more visibilty hair strand.


Not bad, I thought. If  this stimulating oil on me (a woman) then surely it will be effective for men who are struggling with patches.

Since it was just one hair strand I was testing on, I didn't think it would be a big deal. Little did I know that this whole area would soon become highly stimulated.

I began to wonder if I was going crazy. Was this really due to the oil? or was it an imbalance of my hormones?

Then I realized the hair growth increased every time I made the product, especially as I fidgeted and touched my face, I was spreading the oil and stimulating the growth further.

Was going through this worth it...?

Well, I definitely stumbled on a winner. 🥇

The bearded community got an oil that actually worked.

Here were some of the feedback users reported while using the stimulating oil tha is now under the care of BOA...

✅Thicker and fuller appearance

✅Reduction in patches

✅Growth around the hair edges (females)

✅Report of overall improvement in the healthy appearance of the beard, roots and scalp.

    As a formulator, hearing that a product you developed met its intended target & purpose makes it all worth it... 

    Reflecting on my own experiences, I've had my share of bad dates and failed relationships with bearded men. It makes me wonder: was all the effort for the bearded community worth it?  😅

    Hmm time will tell, but for now a toast to a hero product 👑🍾

    What’s next ?

    Thankfully, I have finally been able to stop the excessive facial hair growth! 👏

    Now to deal with the aftermath of the skin, as there's dark patches from the laser treatments, plucking and waxing I did along the way to reverse, the growth from the oil.

     Heres a little picture of the aftermath  of where the hair once was although the hair is now gone you can see how widespread the growth was!!

     After the hairgrowth was permanently removed I was left with hyperpigmentation (dark patches) from the removal processes

     I will have an updated story on how I stopped unwanted facial hair growth and got my glow back!

    Lots of bearded Love from our featured series

    'The Cosmetic Chemist '

    In the meantime if you need the stimulation for fuller beards, scalp or edges without irritation, then check out Beard of Aaron's Stimulating Oil at, and use the code BLOG10 for 10% off.

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