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Beard roller cleaner

Beard roller cleaner

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Introducing the Beard Roller Cleanser:

Elevate your grooming routine with our specially formulated sanitising cleanser crafted to keep your Beard Roller in pristine condition and your beard rolling as hygiene and safe as possible.. With its cleansing, antibacterial, and refreshing properties, this cleanser is the perfect companion for maintaining the hygiene and efficacy of your roller.

How to clean The Beard Roller

Before you start rolling, apply 2-  of the Cleanser on the needles, making sure you hit the entire head of the roller. Let it air dry for about 70 seconds.

Roll like usual.

After you've finished your rolling session, you can clean and rinse with  water and soap  give it another  couple of sprays, with sanitiser spray.  then it's ready to go back in the Let it airdray and then return it back into the case. an possibly be!

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